Titan Red Series

The Titan Red series has been designed to fight the biggest fish in our oceans, especially giant tuna and big marlin. Thanks to its curved handle you can fight huge fish in stand-up in a very comfortable way.

Blank Toray Carbon T1K

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most powerful blanks on the market manufactured with the Japanese carbon TORAY. It is a blank with a lot of reserve of power but with flexibility in the final section to make the hard battles much more bearable.

Fuji Heavy Duty HBSG SiC

It is one of the main characteristics that differentiate this rod from the rest, the FUJI Heavy Duty HBSG SiC rings are a new generation of rings able to withstand high pressures, being the strongest on the market. The inner ring is ceramic (Silicon Carbide) polished with diamond, offering better resistance and heat dissipation and greater line sensitivity avoiding line breaks.

Power and lightness

Thanks to the composition of the blank carbon, we find a rod that is very light but at the same time capable of withstanding great brake pressures, being the hardest blank start to withstand the end of the combats and the end of the more flexible blank that allows absorbing the pulls and thus fishing with much finer lines, thus increasing the number of catches. Power and lightness is the perfect definition for this model.

Spiral Ring

Spiral ringing avoids carbon twisting during combat, making the blanks stronger and more durable, thus avoiding softening and movement of the rings for a few uses.

Simple and elegant  NEW design

It has been designed maintaining the elegance of our brand, but with a special touch more sporty based on a light grey and phosphor yellow wrapping.

Details with own stamp

Every detail matters and therefore all our rods have been designed thinking carefully in each and every one of its elements. Our logo embossed in the foam handles, makes the difference and provides the seal of distinction that characterizes all our reeds.

Bent Butt

Black bent aluminum butt, to be able to fight big fish in stand-up that allows to pump the rod easily and gain ground on the fish meter by meter.

Fluted handle

The handle is made of high density and fluted foam dark grey color, improves grip when handling the rod, repel water and does not slip as often happens with smooth ones.

Aluminum crosspiece

It incorporates a cross brace for attaching the to the rod holder and combat belt. In addition, the end section of the rod incorporates durable protection against chafing.


  • Length 5’ 7”. 130-200 lb. Aluminium bend butt. Guides HBSG SIC