All our fishing rods are guaranteed for life because they are manufactured with the best quality components.

They have been developed and tested by our international team of anglers.

Every detail counts…

Höwk stands out for the innovation and development of technologies that guarantee the best fishing experience. Fishing rods resistant to wear and sturdy lunges in which every detail has been taken care of to the fullest.

  • All our rods are manufactured with the best carbon on the market, TORAY carbon. For this, we use an exclusive composition to obtain the highest resistance with the lightest possible weight.

  • The blanks are manufactured in such a way that in the first layers the braid is combined with the unidirectional carbon fiber reducing the use of resins so that the weight is decreased and the rigidity is increased.
  • In the upper layers, the carbon filaments are interlaced with each other like a braid, which again intertwines creating a firm and stable tissue with a light weight.

Our philosophy…

We take fishing as art, and we do not conceive Höwk as a brand associated with commercial trends, but as a way of life. In Höwk we always think of the fisherman, that is why we develop only the products that we believe are precisely what the fisherman needs in each area.


We have authorized sales points in more than 40 countries. In some countries we have exclusive distributors where you can buy our products directly.


The Bullfighter series has been designed exclusively for large tuna fishing to spinning with walker.


The Hot Spot series has been designed for slow jigging with casting reels. These rods are very light and parabolic but very robust.


The Special One series has been designed for fast jigging, with short, lightweight rods that are very comfortable in combat.


The Special One Overhead series has been designed for fast jigging with casting reels with short, lightweight rods that are very comfortable in combat.


The Big Blue series has been designed for popping fishing in tropical waters for large specimens such as GTs or large Cuberas.


The Titan Red series has been specially developed for fishing the giant tuna of the big game.


The Angler’s Toy series has been designed for light spinning fishing both from the shore and from the boat, they are very light rods with great precision.


The Hot Spot S series has been designed for Slow Jigging with spinning reels. These rods are very light and parabolic but have an unusual robustness.


The Little Tunny series has been designed for spinning fishing from boats for species such as large little tunny, 15-30 kg tuna, thus its versatility.


The Invictus series has been designed for the fishing of Giant Tuna in drifting, are rods of great hardness capable of resisting extreme battles with large fish.


The Venice series has been designed mainly for trolling fishing for fish up to 40 kg. These rods have a parabolic curve that makes you enjoy to the maximum.


The Rock Toy series has been developed for the Rock Fishing modality, allowing maximum enjoyment with small size fish thanks to its characteristics.


The Light Toy series has been designed for the Light Spining modality, being very light rods, with a very sensitive tip to be able to move the lures perfectly.


The Kraken series has been specifically designed for inshore squid fishing, very sensitive to notice any bite.

HÖWK team

Meet the members of our team. In Höwk we are passionate about the sea and fishing, and in the manufacture of the Höwk rods, we have contributed the knowledge acquired through years of experience.

Vicente Chirivella

Benoit Guillaume

Yadai Bravo

Miguel Ángel Montero

Oli Leleu

David Sánchez

Francesco Paolini

Adrián Vidal

Erik Mikolascheck

Nacho Pardo

Mohammad Alsaffar

Alberto Gallego

Óscar Bargues

Abraham Bufon

Ferran Margall

Oscar Sebastiá

Vicente Carrillo

Rafa Colás

Jose Boix

Isaac Gomila

Jesús Torralba

Javi Martínez

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