Interview with Alberto Gallego

Today we interviewed Alberto Gallego, the main part of our staff, one of the most outstanding fishermen in Valencia in recent years.

  • ¿How did you learn about lure fishing? At what age did you start fishing?

I got to know fishing with artificial lures when I was a kid and I saw my brothers fishing with spoons and vinyl fish. I started fishing when I was 6 years old, around 1978.

  • Salt water or inland water?

Any place where you can fish, no matter if it is salt water, fresh water, lake, dock or coral reef.

  • ¿Popping o Jigging?

Popping because of the spectacular nature of the surface bites.

  • ¿Size or quantity? Do you prefer a giant fish or many mediums?

Size. If I have to choose, I prefer a trophy fish, although quantity is also good from time to time.

  • ¿What is your favourite HÖWK rod?

Höwk Bullfighter 170.

  • ¿Alone or accompanied?

Always accompanied.

  • ¿Atlantic or Mediterranean?

Any sea and/or ocean in the world will do.

  • ¿Your best fish?

Tuna, 150 kg.

  • From the coast or by boat?


  • ¿Challenge for this year?

Several projects of fishing trips around the world, Pacific, Indian… and of course also Spain.

  • ¿What do you think about the HOWK project?

“It’s a fishermen’s project, for fishermen”, this phrase encompasses, in my view, what the HOWK project is. Top quality material that we tested thoroughly a handful of enthusiastic fishermen, so that the best of the best will reach the hands of our customers.