Interview with José Boix

Today we interviewed José Boix, the main part of our staff, one of the most outstanding fishermen in Valencia in recent years.

  • ¿How did you learn about lure fishing? At what age did you start fishing?

My friend Miguel Dolz told me that for a long time we went fishing together at Surfcasting and you always told me that once I had my first experience of Spinning and ate a fish, I would never want to fish again in any other way than that.

  • Salt water or inland water?

Salt water without a doubt. I like the sea and all the experience I go through every time I go out with friends or on an expedition.

  • ¿Popping o Jigging?

I like both of them, although if I had to, I would choose the spinning lure attack, which is more incredible, more aggressive and shocking. Each type of fishing has its good point and with days of good activity any type of fishing is satisfactory because what we anglers enjoy is the feeling of combat and the boat of any fish.

  • ¿Size or quantity? Do you prefer a giant fish or many mediums?

I prefer 1000 times more a big fish to 100 small ones.

  • ¿What is your favourite HÖWK rod?

For popping the big-blue. And for jigging the hotspot200.

I’ll take it today! HotSopt250

  • ¿Alone or accompanied?

Always accompanied, teamwork and the company of a friend is essential for me to enjoy fishing.

  • ¿Atlantic or Mediterranean?


  • ¿Your best fish?

The one in the photograph.

  • From the coast or by boat?

From a boat to the coast.

  • ¿Challenge for this year?

My challenge is to enjoy every trip and excursion apart from taking those great catches that become the trophy and souvenir of every trip.

  • ¿What do you think about the HOWK project?

Howk seems to me to be an initiative created by fishermen for fishermen, tried and tested to cover the needs to which any fisherman in the sea can be submitted. A dream that the creators had and a reality that they are enjoying.