Interview with Nacho Pardo

Today we interview Nacho Pardo, a principal part of our staff, one of the most outstanding fishermen of Valencia in recent years. Master a variety of techniques, mainly Spinning, jigging and surf casting. It has also easily adapted to the latest trends as the “fever” we are living with slowjigging.

  • ¿How did you know fishing with lures? At what age did you start fishing?

I was about 6 years old, when I started fishing with my father and my brother, at that time we fished pike, trout and blackbass in fresh water. They already fished with lures, with the mythical spoons of red hair and vinyls. From that moment I started to accumulate experiences with artificial lures, that passion led me to collect them.

  • Salt water or inland waters?

Although my beginnings were in fresh water and it was where I was hooked now, most of my fishing hours are spent in the sea.

  • Popping or Jigging?

The truth is that the two modalities I love, and according to time of year I prefer more to one than another.

  • Size or quantity? Are you one of those who prefer 1 dentex of 8kg or 4 de 3kg?

Without hesitation I look for size and not quantity. Goal to beat my own record!

  • Alone or accompanied?

Always accompanied! I like to share fishing experiences with my friends, for me to fish is not just to get a fish, to fish is to be in contact with the environment, laughs, jokes, good times and of course share the big catches with my people, share it satisfaction is double.

  • Atlantic or Mediterranean?

Mediterranean, I have not yet had the fortune to visit the Atlantic, sooner or later I will enjoy these waters.

  • Your best fish?

I do not know if the best, but the one that most marked me was that pike that with about 7 or 8 years I took in the river with my brother, at that time it was a great milestone, this piece marked me and was the one that gave way to that I was hooked to fishing for life.

  • From shore or by boat?

I like both, each one has its own technique and moment, depending on the season, I do one more or the other because I can practice both with the modalities that I practice.

  • Challenge for this 2018?

A challenge or goal for this year is to get new species, that always makes me hope, but what most strips me of sleep is to beat my record of mere.

  • What do you think of the HÖWK project?

The Howk project is ILUSION. See how the team of incredible people has worked polishing every detail and seeing the results after many tests throughout the process. I think that what we were looking for has been achieved, that the fisherman, having the rod in action, vibrates all the work behind it,… spectacular!!!

And this has been the interview with Nacho, thanks for telling us a little about you, we hope to continue watching you enjoy and sharing your experiences with huge fish.

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