Interview with Óscar Sebastiá

Today we interviewed Óscar Sebastiá, the main part of our staff, one of the most outstanding fishermen in Valencia in recent years.

  • ¿How did you learn about lure fishing? At what age did you start fishing?

The first memory I have with the sea and fishing is from my childhood with seven or eight years.

Both my paternal grandfather Ramon “el cabassero” and my father had and still have great fondness for angling from the coast, especially for doradas, lubinas, sargos and blacksmith’s fish that were abundant at that time and I especially in the summers was crazy to go with them and fish for morralla or catch crabs, conch or some absent-minded octopus.

These were my beginnings in fishing and my passion for the sea, especially underwater fishing and angling for large predators.

I got to know lure fishing in the early 2000s from my great friend and best fisherman, Samuel Tomas from Alicante, who introduced me to deep-sea trolling and jigging.

  • Salt water or inland water?

Salt water.

  • ¿Popping o Jigging?

Jiggin and slow.

  • ¿Size or quantity? Do you prefer a giant fish or many mediums?

As I always prefer important fish and they are my target on fishing trips, although every day is more complicated because of its scarcity, many days you feel lucky to enjoy the sea and if you also get the bite of a big fish is the maximum.

  • ¿What is your favourite HÖWK rod?

I love to tackle fish with light equipment and HÖWK offers me the best for this purpose. The HotSpot250 rod is a bit stiffer than its little sister Hotsopt200, but it is super sensitive and fun and allows me to fight from you to you with big groupers.

I’m staying with her today! HotSopt250

  • ¿Alone or accompanied?

Because of my work schedule I usually go out alone many days, although I also love to spend fishing days with my younger brother Sergio or trusted friends with whom we always have our catches.

  • ¿Atlantic or Mediterranean?

Levantine Mediterranean.

  • ¿Your best fish?

A seviola weighing almost 50 kilos, caught by my friend Rayco García in Gran Canaria.

  • From the coast or by boat?


  • ¿Challenge for this year?

To take my HotSopt250 to the limit and above all… to enjoy!

  • ¿What do you think about the HOWK project?

Wonderful, I am enthusiastic about all the values that the brand denotes, especially passion, commitment, quality and professionalism.

A project created by young fishermen for fishermen who want to enjoy the best rods!