Interview with Rafa Colás

Today we interviewed Rafa Colás, the main part of our staff, one of the most outstanding fishermen in Valencia in recent years.

  • ¿How did you learn about lure fishing? At what age did you start fishing?

More than starting to fish, I started to accompany my father to fish when I was 4 years old. I had a mini rod given to me at a birthday party by your uncle Rafa who was also a fisherman. That’s when I started fishing for burrets and salpas on the rocks.

I knew the lures when I was 12-13 years old, we used to fish in summer with bulldozer and ragloo in the Perelló’s breakwaters, and little by little we were investigating seeing other fishermen who used to catch big bluefish.

  • Salt water or inland water?

I am passionate about salt water, but I like to fish bass occasionally.

  • ¿Popping o Jigging?

I don’t care, I love both, in the last years I practice more jigging due to the scarcity of surface fish in my area.

  • ¿Size or quantity? Do you prefer a giant fish or many mediums?

Always Size, size means quality of catch and respect of sizes, besides enjoying a good fight that will test your equipment.

  • ¿What is your favourite HÖWK rod?

Without a doubt my HÖWK 250 is spectacular, it makes you enjoy like no other rod I have ever tried. I also highlight the Invictus model, a great one for our beloved Mediterranean tuna.

  • ¿Alone or accompanied?

Always accompanied, do not miss the good company.

  • ¿Atlantic or Mediterranean?


  • ¿Your best fish?

I choose for the satisfaction that it was, a grouper over 50kg jigging in 90m depth in the waters of Madagascar, it was a fishing trip with good friends that I will never forget.

  • From the coast or by boat?


  • ¿Challenge for this year?

To enjoy with my friends great days of jigging and big tuna.

  • ¿What do you think about the HOWK project?

A young project carried out with a lot of quality and above all based on the knowledge and experience of its creative partners.