Meet tour Staff Team

Here we introduce you to the members of the Höwk team. Passionate about the sea and fishing and focused on the development of products designed by and for fishermen.

Vicente Chirivella

He is the director of the Staffs team; he has collaborated with the world’s leading fishing brands, is one of the most renowned and recognized Spanish fishermen in the world of fishing, thanks to his experience and demand he has brought an exceptional value and essence to our products.

Yadai Bravo

Yadai is one of the most international Spanish fishermen, owner of the fishing trip company SEARIVER that allows him to discover the best fishing areas in the world.

Benoit Guillaume

He works on one of the world’s best-known fishing charters, Yachting Fishing Specialist that operates in Sheychelles, one of the most paradisiacal areas in the world.

Oli Leleu

He is one of the most distinguished international staff of our brand. He is a very experienced fisherman in several modalities, in his country (France) as well as in tropical trips.

Francesco Paolini

He is a spinning expert, who has spent his entire life fishing along the Italian coast and has created several Seaspin lures.

Rafa Colás

One of the young Spanish with the best results in sport fishing. His knowledge about fishing added to his career as a marine scientist, makes him a very effective fisherman in most modalities.

Ruben Sellés

One of the best kayak fishermen, his specialty is jigging with vinyl and his weakness is groupers.

Emotional fishing by Frank

One of the best fishing charters in the area of ​​Denia, Alicante, experts in various types of fishing but his favorite is the giant tuna fishing.

Erik Mikolaschek

It is the representation of our brand in Germany, with several charters in northern Norway. He is an expert fisherman of the wonderful halibuts.

Nacho Pardo

He is a Spanish fisherman with extensive knowledge in light spinning and especially in slow jigging, thanks to his meticulousness and his requirement we have developed the perfect rods for the practice of slow jigging, the HOT SPOT series.

Mohammad Al-Saffar

Mohammad is our distributor and partner in the Arabian Gulf, through its famous international store 9AYID.  He is also a great fisherman, expert in big yellowfin tuna, spinning and popping.

Alberto Gallego

Alberto, is one of the fishermen with more experience in tropical travel of our team. His precious photos, his well-taken care of social networks and his publications in the best specialized magazines support him.

Óscar Sebastiá

Óscar has accumulated a great number of titles in underwater fishing in the last 20 years. Currently, he devotes part of his time to angling, having achieved in a short time incredible captures thanks to his experience in the field.

Rafa Sanz(el flecha)

Known fisherman from the Strait of Gibraltar with extensive knowledge in jigging, his great passion is giant amberjacks.

Ferran Margall

Ferran is one of the young Spaniards who stands out the most in the modalities of jigging, spining and popping, his impressive videos and photos support him. In addition, he was the main tester of  THE SPECIAL ONE model.

Julio  Cabeza, el corsario

Undoubtedly the most experienced fisherman of the staff team, a lifetime at sea and hundreds of catches behind him, will help us in the development of a jigging rod.

Vicente Carrillo

He is one of the fishermen who has accumulated the most hours of fishing and experience along the Spanish coast. Without a doubt, spinning tuna and the jigging of leerfish are his great passion.

Christian Sotodosos

Manager of, a company dedicated to the sale of lures, an experienced Spinning fisherman in one of the best fishing areas in the world, the Ebro delta.

Óscar Bargues

He is one of the most reputed Staffs of our brand, his beginnings in fishing from the coast, have carved a fisherman who currently stands out for his refined technique mainly in jigging and light spinning from a boat.

Abraham Bufon

Is one of the best-known and most experienced fishermen in the southern part of Spain. His spectacular captures in his days of jigging endorse him. Bringing the rods to the limit demanded by huge catches, helps develop the blanks of the Hot Spot series

Miguel Ángel Montero

He is one of the most reputed Staffs of our brand, he is one of the best jigging angler of the Spanish south coast. The big groupers are his passion.

Isaac Gomila

One of the young angler who stands out in the Spanish panorama, accustomed to fishing from the coast in the paradisiacal cliffs of his native island of Menorca. We often delight with spectacular catches that are available to very few fishermen.