The Special One Series

The Special One series has been specially developed for fast jigging fishing. They are average action rods with a very good reserve of power that allows working large catches with great comfort.

Blank Toray Carbon T1K

All The Special One series blanks are composed of the best carbon on the market Toray T1K. The helical arrangement of the carbon results in a high strength and flexibility blank with extremely low weight.

Fuji SIC rings K

The Fuji SIC rings have a very hard silicon carbide ceramic. This brings us to lower friction, so it will allow us better sets, collection, and less suffering of the thread by heating as with other types of rings, ideal for fishing large fish. In addition to this, their frames are usually made of stainless steel or titanium. They are high-end rings, and therefore of high quality.

Parabolic action rods

As it is a short fast jigging rod, it has a total parabolic action that makes fighting much more comfortable

Ergonomic Handles

All the handles of THE SPECIAL ONE series are made of high density foam, ergonomic and finished in grey.

Elegant, simple and modern design

Natural design, simple and elegant, based on white, gray and black but with a touch of yellow in the silkscreen of the model, with a matte carbon texture at the beginning of the blank and transparent epoxy finish where you can see the carbon sheets arranged. It also includes details such as the HOWK logo embossed on the foam.

Details with their own stamp

Every detail matters and therefore all our rods have been designed with each and every one of their elements in mind. Our perforated logo on the foam handles makes the difference and provides the seal of distinction that characterizes all our products.

Fuji reel seat

Graphite reel holder and stainless steel rings with protectors. This is one of the highest quality reel seats from Fuji, lightweight but highly resistant.

Rubber fuji crosshead

Very comfortable for supporting and fighting large fish. The fact that the plug is made of rubber makes it very comfortable in case of not using a combat belt and incorporates the crosshead designed for use with a belt, making the fight with a large fish much more enjoyable.

Unlimited rod

Since it came out, this model has not ceased to surprise us, it has been able to fight with amberjack, tropical grouper and some cubera fish weighing more than 30 kg.


  • Length 5’ 3”PE 8 BEST WEIGHT 400 gr.


  • Length 5’ 3”PE 4 BEST WEIGHT 300 gr.


  • Length 5’ 3”PE 3 BEST WEIGHT 200 gr.